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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN- Online Marketing Expert Since 2008.

Archive for April 2018

Valerie V Show EP 33: Home Care Marketers- Meet M.E.R.Y!!!

We’re going to talk about being magnetic and what that means, because it’s not just in videos, it’s not just in person, it’s in everything you do. It’s in writing, it’s in blog posting, it’s in your Facebook posts. We’re going to talk about being everywhere, all over the place. So people say, “I see you everywhere online.” And we’re going to talk about being real and being you. M-E-R-Y, M.E.R.Y.

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Valerie V Show EP 32: What are you doing for home care marketing?

When it comes to marketing your home care business, what are you currently doing? Are you doing in-person marketing? Are you doing online marketing? And if you are doing just in-person marketing, how come you’re not doing the online part? And if you’re doing the online part, but you’re just using some local SEO guy who doesn’t really understand home care the way you do, then why would you use that person?

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