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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN- Online Marketing Expert Since 2008.

Archive for May 2018

Valerie V Show EP 54: Don’t Be Like These People and Have a Janky Home Care Website.

Here’s something really interesting. We’re going to talk about websites today a little bit, but I’m going to show you some of the ugliest websites on the planet, or at least one that used to be super ugly. Here’s the deal, I can’t give examples of really ugly home care websites, because actually I would want that person to be my client, so that I can change their website. I can’t give examples of really janky websites because I want that person to be my client, I don’t want to hack them off, right? I always have to give examples of really bad websites that aren’t in the home care industry. I have one that I’m going to show you, and I’m so disappointed because it used to be the ugliest website on the planet, and now it’s pretty awesome.

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